Paranormal Topics of Interest

There are many topics in the paranormal realm that pique my interest. Here are some of them. I fully encourage anyone that is also interested to read up about them and find out what they can. There are many curious things out there…..

Roswell Rods


Some claim they are merely insects, others, nothing more than an optical illusion, others claim they are flying creatures we know little of. You must decide for yourself…..

The Crystal Skull


Many claim the crystal skulls have healing powers and ones claim they are from everywhere from Atlantis to the Mayans. No one knows the exact number of them or how they were crafted. They are a mystery…..



Reports of wildmen have been around on every continent for hundreds of years. Large hairy creatures that dwell in the woods and mountains. No corpses have ever been found, but every area of this planet has not been charted, and if they have intelligence, they can elude capture in their own territory.

The Loch Ness Monster


Reports of an aquatic creature swimming in the Scottish Loch have been around since the 6th century. Many deep lakes around the world have similar claims. Lake Okanagan in British Columbia claims Ogopogo as their creature, and Lake Champlain claims Champy as theirs.

Extra Terrestrials


Quite frankly anyone that knows even a little about math understands the odds of our planet being the only one supporting life are about zero. Even the most brilliant minds on the planet like Stephen Hawking agree on this. We are not alone, get over it.



To ones that accept we have a soul, it’s not hard to grasp. A ghost is merely a soul not contained in a body. Some earth bound spirits that can’t let go of this mortal coil have not moved on, but their presence can be scary for those that they encounter.


reincarnation symbol

“It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” — Voltaire

And just like the souls without bodies being ghosts, once they find their way back into one, they have been reincarnated. To me it only makes sense that each lifetime we live teaches us different things. One lifetime is simply not enough to learn all we need to.

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