Sudden Goodbye


One of our beloved kitties we had appeared sick one evening, so we got him out to the vets, and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him, so we were sent home being told sometimes kitties have off days now and then like people and it was nothing to worry about. Two days later when he appeared no better we were back out to the vets for another look. They did some blood work and we were told to come back the next day for the results.

That morning before he went back to the vets, I stared at him intensely wondering what was wrong with him. He’d had not one symptom until a couple of days before, was eating, drinking and playing normally, was only 8 years old, an indoor totally protected and pampered pet. As I stared at him 3 awful words came into my mind when I asked my mind silently what was wrong with him. “Riddled with cancer”. Only a few hours later when he was taken back to the vets was my minds answer confirmed. He was given an X-Ray and his chest was filled with tumors. Our dear pet was indeed riddled with cancer. The vet said never in his career had he seen such an X-Ray in an animal with not one symptom. He said they were at the point of impeding his breathing and it would be kindest to put him down right then. We were devastated. That was a very grim prediction indeed.

Note: The kitty in the pic wasn’t my actual kitty, but one that looked very similar.

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