The Blouse



I’d say the very first prophetic dreamĀ I had, I was 9 years old. I was in grade 4. Like many dreams that come true, it was of just a silly, everyday event that had no consequence here or there, just a run of the mill thing really, but a bit of a silly and funny one.

I dreamed about the teacherĀ I had at the time, a man, who wore a pink and blue blouse to school for the day and was made fun of because of it. It was so ridiculous, you can’t believe one would even dream about such an event.

When I went to school a couple of hours after having the dream, he was indeed wearing the pink and blue blouse. As soon as I saw it, I smirked, recalling the dream instantly. He’d never worn it before, I had never seen it before. As my dream predicted, he was teased mercilessly all day about the blouse. The kids were all saying he’d borrowed it from his wife and stuff, it was hilarious. But if a man wears a blouse with pink and blue flowers on it, he really can’t be that surprised when ones make jokes about it!

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