The Ring

moon and star ring
Many of you may have seen a ring like this if you are into silver jewelry, or jewelry with symbols on it. I have an interesting story about this ring I thought I’d share with you.

When I was in my late teens, I wanted a ring like this. When my mom and I had gone to EPCOT a few years before, and she gotten a ring that looked liked this at the Mexican Pavilion they had there. They have some beautiful Mexican silver jewellery for sale there.

I always liked the ring, but didn’t think much of it for a few years. A while later, a friend of ours visited us and was wearing the same ring, which I immediately noticed as being the same as my mom’s. With them both having one, I wanted one as well. I mentioned to my mom several times about this ring. One night I had a dream about the ring. That there was going to be one for me. It was a pretty specific dream I had about where it came from.

I told my mom how I dreamed about this ring coming from some place that had to do with Sears. It didn’t come from Sears specifically, but in the dream it was somehow from a Sears wearhouse, or some place that wasn’t quite Sears, but still near it, or connected to it.

Less that 12 hours after telling my mom about the dream about the ring, she came home after work with this silly expression on her face and had something in her hand. I asked her what she had, and she said I’d never guess. I’m sure you can guess what she had in her hand.

She opened her hand and I gasped. It was the ring. I asked her where she found it. She had gone out to the mall after work and was just looking around when she noticed at a costume jewellery store they were unpacking some boxes of new merchandise and she went over to see what was there, and one of the first boxes unpacked was of some silver jewellery from Mexico, and that ring was in the shipment.

When I asked her what store she found it in, she replied a store at the mall we had gotten a number of things in before, that’s around 4 stores down from Sears in the mall…….

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