The Concert

A number of years ago I was very much into entering contests. One of the many I entered was for tickets to a Julio Iglesias concert in a neighboring city. It was put on by a t.v. station, and during commercials they would have the contest and how to enter it kind of thing.

Even though I watched that station every day, for some reason I didn’t see the commercials advertising the contest until nearly the deadline. As soon as I saw it advertised, I sent in my postcard and didn’t think it would arrive in time. But I had a feeling……..

As the days passed, it got stronger, and I started telling my mom to make sure she didn’t make plans for the night of the concert. I repeatedly told her and my grandmother I felt I was going to win in that week leading up to them announcing on the news at noon who the winners were. I was so convinced I was going to win, I told my mom to come home for lunch that day from work to watch the news when it was going to be announced. As the news came on, I was prepared to win those tickets. I knew it was going to happen. I had my mom and grandmother sitting watching the news awaiting the winners of the contest. During the last commercial break of the news, the winners names were posted on the screen. My name was indeed on the screen with the three other winners.

I erupted into screams. It was quite something, they were telling me to calm down, and I kept telling them I knew it was going to happen, and here it had.  This was one of the only psychic experiences I ever had that came to me during a waking moment. All the rest pretty much were from dreams. This was also the most positive experience of a psychic nature as well. I think many times people are fearful of psychic visions, is because many times the visions are negative and fearful events. If everyone was envisioning winning the lottery and happy occurrences, there wouldn’t be the fear. But many times negative events carry more weight than positive ones.

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